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Solar Guru offers low-pressure solar geysers to all people in Stilfontein, Orkney and Klerksdorp. Solar Guru Klerksdorp are dedicated to provide sustainable, alternative energy solutions to Klerksdorp and surrounding areas. All our low-pressure solar geyser products available in Klerksdorp, are Eskom certified and SABS approved. 

Solar Energy

One day of solar energy from the sun, allows the earth to meet all it’s energy requirements for about a year. The sun and it’s solar energy is an excellent source of energy. Although, we can only collect a small amount of the sun’s solar energy for our own consumption. We collect the sun’s solar energy by the means of solar panels which can convert the solar energy into working energy also known as electricity. Therefore, we are contributing to a healthier and safer environment because solar panels doesn’t produce harmful chemicals which can damage our world. However, generating electricity, especially from nuclear or coal, is one of the major contributors to global warming and environmental pollution.

Solar energy proved to be very beneficial and a great sustainable alternative energy producer for homes and large businesses. Solar Guru Klerksdorp offers low-pressure solar geysers which use the highest quality solar panels to convert solar energy in the most efficient manner. Also, with our competitive prices on our low-pressure solar geysers, more and more homes and businesses are converting to solar power and solar geysers. Therefore, solar energy has become a main source of energy for many households and businesses across South Africa. 

Solar Energy advantages

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. Solar energy can be collected in any part and location around the world. Solar energy is also available to collect at any time of the day. Many sources of energy can be depleted but, solar energy can not be depleted.  As long as the sun is in our existence, we will be able to use solar energy.

Reduces Electricity Bills

An electrical geyser is one of the appliances which uses the most electricity in your home or office. Using a low-pressure solar geyser system to meet your energy needs, you will see a drastically decline in your monthly electricity billing costs. The amount of financial saving with solar geysers will depend on how much solar energy your home is using compared to electricity. 

Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used in diverse purposes. Electricity can be generated with solar energy using photovoltaics or can be used to generated heat using solar thermal technologies. This is a great benefit for people living in locations which has no access to electricity or Eskom’s grid. 

Low Maintenance Costs

Low-Pressure solar geysers and other solar technologies do not require a lot of maintenance to be conducted. The most common low-pressure solar geyser maintenance required, is to clean the solar geyser from time to time and that’s it! If you suspect something might be wrong with your low-pressure solar geyser product, you can call Solar Guru Klersdorp who can assist you with low-pressure solar water heater warranty’s and repair services if needed. 

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