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Solar Guru offers low-pressure SA solar geysers to all people in Stilfontein. Solar Guru Stilfontein are dedicated to provide sustainable, alternative energy solutions to Stilfontein. All our low-pressure SA solar geyser products available in Stilfontein, are Eskom certified and SABS approved. 

Solar Geyser Products In Stilfontein

SA Solar geyser products

Solar Guru provides high-quality SA solar geyser products to all resident in Stilfontein. For an affordable solar geyser solution, Solar Guru offers the best prices on all our solar geyser systems in Stilfontein. We provide a variety of solar geysers which includes:

  • Low-pressure SA solar geysers in Stilfontein
  • Integrated high-Pressure SA solar geysers in Stilfontein
  • Flat panel solar geyser conversions in Stilfontein
  • Evacuated tube solar geyser conversions in Stilfontein

Depending on your requirements, our wide range of SA solar geyser products will allow you to save on energy and provide you with hot water at your residents in Stilfontein.

SA Solar geysers from Solar Guru

All our SA solar geyser products available to Stilfontein residents, are SABS approved and comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.  Invest in a high-quality SA solar geyser system today with Solar Guru Stilfontein. You are guaranteed to save greatly on energy and electrical bills with a solar geyser in Stilfontein. Even during times of load-shedding or power outages which occurs in Stilfontein, with a solar geyser you will always have hot water ready to use. The best thing about a solar geyser in Stilfontein is, it pays for itself. With all the electricity savings you’ll make by using a solar geyser, a solar geyser pays for itself after a few years. It’s a win-win solution so convert to a solar geyser today and receive all the benefits many people in South Africa already receives.

Low Pressure Solar Geyser

Low-pressure solar geyser

Low-pressure solar geyser systems available in Stilfontein. This is our most popular solar geyser system available in Stilfontein. Low-Pressure solar geysers are also more affordable in the area of Stilfontein.

High Pressure Solar Geysers

High-pressure solar geyser

Integrated high-pressure solar geyser systems in Stilfontein. A high-pressure solar geyser is an excellent solar hot water system in Stilfontein but can be more expensive.

Flat Panel Solar Geyser Conversion

Flat panel solar geyser conversion

Do you have an electrical geyser which uses too much electricity? Convert to a solar geyser while still using your exisiting geyser with our flat plate solar geyser conversions available.

Evacuated Solar Tube Conversions

Evacuated tube solar geyser conversion

A very efficient solar hot water systems which works with Evacuated tube solar conversion technology. The evacuated solar tubes are very efficient to convert solar energy into hot water and you can also use your existing geyser as a storage tank.