SA Solar geysers in klerksdorp

Solar Guru is a leading SA solar geyser supplier in the Kosh area. If you require a solar geyser conversion, we are the company to call. You can also visit us at our Klerksdorp office for all your solar geyser requirements. 

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SA Solar geyser Products

SA Solar geyser products in klerksdorp

SA Low-Pressure solar geysers

Our Solar Guru branch in Klerksdorp, specializes in SA low-pressure solar geyser products. SA Low-Pressure solar geysers are the most popular solar geyser system in the area of Klerksdorp which provide you with hot water while saving you money on electricity.

SA High-Pressure solar geysers

SA High-Pressure solar geyser products available at Solar Guru at affordable prices. Our SA high-pressure solar geysers provides you with hot water, even during load-shedding hours. Click below to see our range of affordable high-pressure solar geyser products.

SA Solar geyser conversions

Converting your electrical geyser to a solar geyser is the most economical route for going solar. We offer flat panel solar geyser conversions and also, Evacuated tube solar geyser conversion products. Convert to solar and save on energy usage today!

SA Low-pressure solar water heater

Why buy a SA low-pressure solar geyser

A SA low-pressure solar geyser is a great product to decrease overall electricity usage and costs compared to an electrical geyser. A SA low-pressure solar water geyser is also known as a no-pressure solar water heater. SA Low-pressure solar water geysers are the most common and affordable solar geyser system being installed and used all across South Africa. By installing a SA low-pressure solar geyser to your home, you contribute to a green and safe environment. However, by using an electrical geyser, more pollution gets generated to produce electricity. 

SA Low-pressure solar geyser benefits

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Certified SA solar geyser supplier

Solar Guru is a well known and trusted SA solar geyser supplier delivering the highest quality solar geysers all across South Africa. 


Quality SA solar geyser products

All our SA solar geyser products are made from the best materials and are guaranteed to last for many years. ALso, all our solar geyser products are tested and approved by the SABS.


Affordable SA solar geyser prices

Solar geysers can be a great investment to your home but, can also seem pricey. Solar Guru in Klerksdorp are determined to provide you with affordable SA low-pressure solar geyser prices although, we provide the best quality solar geyser products on the market. 

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Popular SA solar geysers products

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Visit our Solar Guru Klerksdorp branch or give us a call today and get a SA solar geyser system for your home in Klerksdorp today. Solar Guru Klerksdorp provide low-pressure solar geyser products to Klerksdorp, Stilfontein and Orkney.

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