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SA solar geyser products

SA Solar Low-pressure solar geyser prices

A-Graded SABS 5 Year Guarantee on all SA Solar geysers

SA Solar 100L low-pressure solar geyser

R 5000,00

SA Solar 150L low-pressure solar geyser

R 6600,00

SA Solar 200L low-pressure solar geyser

R 8000,00

SA Low-pressure solar geyser specifications

Our SA low-pressure solar geyser products have a pressure rating of no more than 100kpa. Our low-pressure solar geysers are great for use in areas without electricity and also in cities like Klerksdorp and it’s surrounding towns. Low pressure solar geysers also makes use of gravity which allows water to be fed into the system.

  • 100L, 200L and 300L SA low pressure tanks available
  • 5 year warranty
  • SA Solar geyser stand to be placed on a roof
  • Feeder Tank
  • Our SA low-pressure solar geysers are built by using only premium quality materials
  • The SA solar geyser system are functional in all seasons of the year
  • SABS approved solar geyser products

Affordable SA low-pressure solar geyser

By offering a high-quality SA low-pressure solar geyser may seem expensive but, we at Solar Guru Klerksdorp are dedicated to provide you with the best and competitive prices on all our SA low-pressure solar geyser products. Solar Guru Klersdorp welcomes contractors for all major solar geyser projects. Contact us today for any SA solar geyser information or estimates to solar geyser costs for your home or business.

Low-pressure SA solar geyser installation requirements

Installing a SA low-pressure solar geyser to your home and connecting it to municipal water, the first thing that you would require to install is a pressurized control valve. A pressurized control valve reduces the amount of pressure coming from the direct municipal water source. Installing a backup element with a thermostat, also ensures that the hot water temperature never drops below the required hot water temperatures. Therefore, you will always have hot water for baths, showers and general use in your home.